Thursday, August 23, 2012

Slow-shutter shots @ Sg Tua

ND8 filter tryout
I purchased a Marumi ND8 filter recently.
The plan was to use it with my Canon EF17-40mm F4.0L wide-angle zoom lens.
I think this is the most under utilised glass in my inventory and having a full-frame body serves it just right.
With the EOS5DmkIII, I get a true 17mm fish eye focal length which enables me to capture landscape photographs more efficiently.

The setttings
Slow-shutter shots can result in blown highlights if you don't cut down the amount of light going into your camera.
With a Neutral-Density (ND) filter, you are able to control it with superb results.
This means, you can expose the frame with a large aperture using slow-shutter speed.
I set the 17mm at 4 seconds with an aperture of F22.
And the results were stunning.


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