Saturday, July 6, 2013

Sabak Bernam - Part 3

Some time to unwind..

We set our time for late tea with a ride into town.
It didn't occur to me that it was a short stroll as our guest house is just minutes away from the town square.
The first course of action was to search for a bicycle shop to fix Raman's busted rear wheel.
We found one and had his problem looked at.
While the guy was at it, some of the cyclist were getting restless.
I guess when you have a bunch of hungry people, leaving them in that state would end up in a revolt.
Just as I was to order a drink from the Malay restaurant next to the bike shop, Raman came up to us and said he was good to go.

Ecstasy: Raman enjoying a plate of mee rebus

The gang
I was tasked with leading the group to the town's makan place.
Teluk Intan is a town that I knew pretty well, so, our destination was Mastan Ghani Mee Rebus.
This is a well-known eatery in town and their Mee Rebus and Air Batu Campur are a treat especially when you come all the way from the Klang Valley.
We ate the noodles and chilled out at the shop before heading out to the town's leaning tower for a group shot.

One for the album: the gang in Teluk Intan
Side attractions

While we were taking some photos, I had my camera on the ground with its self-timer.
Out of nowhere, a cyclist came up and grabbed my Canon Powershot G1x and started snapping away.
I knew he meant well and it turned out that the lone cyclist was our newfound friend Jacky Yow from Cameron Highlands.
He cycled all the way from Tanah Rata to Teluk Intan and also stated interest to join our ride back to Sabak Bernam the following day.

Siang and Jacky
After we were done with the photo-taking, Siang had suggested a ride to the old Tapah Road railway line.
The tracks were long gone, but remnants of the old railway bridge which was built in the Colonial days are still there.
We rode about 3km towards this area and decided that it was best to head back to the guest house to rest.

Riding across the old railway bridge

Back at the guest house, I caught up with Raman and learned more about this newfound friend of mine.
He told me that he was aware of our previous expeditions and that Siang is a dedicated organizer and ride leader.
I concurred with what he has to say about how meticulous Siang can be when it comes to safety and planning a long journey.
Our conversation stretched from the first offroad ride from Sungkai - Teluk Intan two years ago to the "Civil War" that took place in Ko Lanta, Thailand.
To me, sacrificing one or two guys for the good of others was a necessity at the time.
What we have now, are a group of mature people who make great company on the trail.
I am just glad that the primadonnas and Rock stars were out of the picture especially in trips that tests our patience and perseverance.
While chatting with Raman, I made my way down to the lower floor and found Roger while I filled up my water bottle.
He told me that the gang was going out for supper and asked if I wanted to join in.
I was okay with that and informed Michelle about it.


Before we arrived in Teluk Intan, Radzi did made mention about a grilled Udang Galah stall by the riverside.
We found this place and feasted like Kings before moving on to another stall, and another.

Siang and Walter Wuertz from Germany

The grilled Udang Galah
We later proceeded to the town square to take more photos at the leaning tower.
After rounding up some groceries from the 24-hour convenience store, we rode back to the guest house.

Michelle at the leaning tower
Late night chatter

There's a long day ahead, we lounged outside our rooms and continued with some conversation.
This time, Chris Wong came back from his obligatory duties with his friends and indulged in a conversation with the rest of the gang.
We chat until 01:00am and decided to call it a day..
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