Saturday, May 21, 2011

Kuala Selangor - Sabak Bernam - Kuala Selangor ride part 4

Tropical fruits galore: A scene from Sekinchan

Lights mounted: Preparing for the dark

From dawn till dusk, a scene at Kuala Selangor
We made it!
I checked my watch and it was already 5:30pm.
The only way we could make it back to Kuala Selangor from Sekinchan, which is 28.6km away, is to hit the road straight.
We had a light meal of fried noodles and Michelle suggested dinner at Pasir Penambang.
I was against the idea because this place would be packed with out of towners.
So, without hesitation, we hit the road.
At the outskirts of Tanjung Karang, we already feeling the effects of fatigue.
Our legs were pounded raw, at this point in time, it felt like the saddle was grafted onto my buttocks.
We stopped a few times to recover from muscle aces on our bottoms and proceeded to Tanjung Karang which was the last town before Kuala Selangor.
By the time we reached this part of the journey, it was getting dark.
Michelle signalled to pull over and told me to turn on my rear light and blinkers.
I slipped on my cateye twin lights and left it on as we cycled towards Kuala Selangor.
By 7pm, we could see Pasir Penambang.
Michelle flagged me down again, this time, at the town marker outside Kuala Selangor.
"Eh, ride so far, must take picture la.. ," she said.
I found an empty oil drum and placed my Canon Powershot G12 and took a few shots on self-timer.
After riding for 130km, our Dahons held up. No issues or any signs of breakdown.
We made it back to Kuala Selangor after spending 12 hours on the road.
The feeling was ecstatic! We did it!


Distance covered: 132.32km
Average speed: 16.5km
Top Speed: 32km
Total flat tires: 0
Total stops: 20
Time spent on the road: 7hours 25minutes
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