Tuesday, October 13, 2009

CRK Umnumzaan

I think I'm going nuts over Chris Reeve's Umnumzaan (um-num-zahn) [Zulu]Sir; Mister; Boss (colloq.) folding knife.It took Mr Reeves nearly 20 years to develop this edged tool and having tried and
tested his large decorated Sebenza, I'd say that the Umnumzaan is the next step.So, I am looking at a possible early Xmas gift for myself. Well, it sucks to be a
knifenut cos people tend to give you stupid gifts on your birthday and wedding
anniversary.The Umnumzaan itself yield plenty of features for everyday carry and robust field
use.Its incorporated with a glass breaker with a solid textured grip on its titanium
handles.And having the S-30V steel as its standard blade material is a blessing for our hot
and humid Malaysian weather.I asked Dan Delavan of Plaza Cutlery if Chris Reeve is planning to make a small
run of Umnumzaans with a decorative doggy paw logo and his answer is a definite
'no' at the moment.Decorated versions of this knife is expected to be released sometime next year
and as it is, the Umnumzaans are already out of stock at dealers in the US.

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