Thursday, March 24, 2011

Folding bicycle hinge mechanism

The hinge on a folding bike is an important part of the frame
I met and cycled with a new biker recently.
He had a dahon and his better half was cycling a bike which was made under license from an automobile manufacturer.
Since folding bikes became increasingly popular in the Klang Valley, many new riders are getting their rides from established bike shops and overseas retailers.
I noticed that the car brand bike has a hinge bolt.
This mechanism latches forwards to secure both halves of the frame.
Since its an entry-level bike, its obvious that the bolt lock had displayed some weakness in terms of lock-up.
With wear and tear, the latch can be loose and this could spell trouble for the rider.
I can't say much for the low-end components used on the bike, let alone a hefty price tag for an inferior frame locking mechanism.
On the higher-end bikes, its a known fact that the frames were OEM by Dahon.
Newcomers to the folding bike realm may not have noticed such things.
As branding becomes apparent, traders can slap a hefty pricetag on their goods, as long as there is a steady demand.
If its properly done, folding bikes are never cheap.
Why? Because the mechanism that keeps the frame locked and secure would be strong and secure.
I think its a shame to sacrifice safety for trending a brand which is made famous for their compact cars...
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