Thursday, December 17, 2009

CRK Umnumzaan

The Umnumzaan's glass breaker
I found the blade geometry to be excellent

The Sebbie and the Um

My CRK folders

WHEN Chris Reeve Knives announced that they are introducing a new folding
knife called the 'Umnumzaan' last year, I was the least excited.As a matter of fact,I have put off plans to get a CRK knife for some time. For me, there are many makers out there who built their knife as tough as a tank
and the CRKs appeared to me that they are more suited for a less-hostile
environment.That was until I visited the USN show in Vegas where I picked up a CRK Sebenza. The knife I wanted was a limited-run 'paw print' large Sebenza.Having owned a few framelock knives, I noticed that the CRK folder is built simple
and for years of use and abuse.My attention began to focus on the Umnumzaan and finally, after waiting for a
while, I scored one from Dan Delavan of Plaza Cutlery in California.Now, how does the Umnumzaan stack up compared to a Strider SMF? I'd say that the Umnumzaan is much more solid and has a less tactical appearance
than the SMF.Both are very solid knives which is also purpose built.What I like about the Umnuzaan is the fact that its made for general and utility
chores and can take a beating when the time comes.Many features on this tough folder are not found on the Sebenza.It has a thumbramp and its pivot design is out of this world.A perforated washer makes opening smooth with less need for lubrication.Howabout cutting ability?I've been carrying the Umnumzaan for nearly three weeks and so far, it held its
edge after much cutting.Every morning, I pop the plastic binder of a newpaper stack. Its an easy chore for
the Umnumzaan and frankly, it held up very well.I'll be bringing the knife for more of my field trips next year and hopefully, Plaza
Cutlery will release a 'paw print' Umnumzaan soon!

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