Monday, August 9, 2010

The 'A' list

I guess I don't really have any luck when it comes to dealing with sales or marketing people.
Several months ago, I sent my Canon Powershot G-7 for service and was told that the pocket camera is as good as a write off.
Maybe I should just junk it.
My professional relationship with Canon Marketing Malaysia had hit a snag sometime back with a price issue.
I think it was resolved with a meeting to 'weed' things out.
During the encounter, I recall the head honcho mentioning something to his downline about a special pricing for the EOS 550D.
That was in April and I guess with August hitting the mid-month mark, its as good as gone.
Funny thing is this: I am thinking of getting a Nikon system.
Been using them and never did give up my old film set.

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