Monday, August 9, 2010

Tahan 2011

At the summit of Mount Tahan in 1989 with a tree-hugger dude who tagged along with our summit team..

TWENTY-THREE years ago, I made an attempt to summit Gunung Tahan (2,187m) which is the highest peak in Peninsular Malaysia.
It was a seven-day affair with plenty of preparation thrown in.
I had to turn back half-way when I came down with stomach flu.
My toenails were infected at the time and the only thing that came to mind, was to head back to the Kuala Tahan national park headquarters to seek treatment.
I had three of my toenails yanked out and was given treatment for the stomach flu.
Two years later, I tried again and succeeded in making it to the peak of the mountain.
I used my experience to guide a younger group of climbers and took my time to trek up to the summit.
That was 21 years ago.
Next year, Vincent, my brother in-law is planning a summit attempt from Merapoh.
This would be very interesting as Tahan pits physical fitness and mental strength.
I am planning to join him and see how far I can go.
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