Sunday, August 22, 2010

A worthy cause

Bob, working with the kids on their merit badges and the National Scouting scheme..

I received a letter from the National Scout Council recently and was appointed
as a member of Malaysian Scouts public affairs committe.This came as a surprise as I have been actively featuring Victoria Institution's
100-year scouting centenary events.So far, three stories have been published in the Starmetro section.On a lighter note, Bob Lew and I are now training some form two boys for their
merit badges.This drew some flack from some folks who actually labelled our work as 'lost
cause'. Come what may, I obtained some blessings from my wife to carry on the work
and my task is also to take care of Bob in the outdoor activities.Hopefully, we would be able to produce a King Scout in three year's time.
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