Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 Parting shots..

Last photography outing for 2011
We had some overseas guests at our home.
My wife hosted them and her best friend's hubby had wanted to give macro photography a try.
Since we had the weekend off (No cycling), I decided to bring him to the Sungai Tua nature park near Hulu Selangor.
This is my old hunting ground and I've made at least two record finds in this place.
I led Mr Eric Yee from Melbourne, Australia on a hunt for some bugs in this nature trail.
The bug population at this time of the year was really small, but despite that, Mr Yee said he had enjoyed himself with the colourful bugs he found along the trail.
I gave him my Canon EF50mm F2.5 compact macro and the EF100mm F2.8L IS macro lenses to try out.
He also had the chance to utilise my Canon MR14EX ring flash.

Samo (right) and Mr Yee on the bug hunt at the Sg Tua nature park in Hulu Selangor
 Some cool finds..
Sungai Tua has never been disappointing.
We found plenty of beetles, jumping spiders and the surprise find here was a gliding lizard.
I've had a blast photographing the lizard and some extreme close-up of the jumping spiders along the trail.
My hope of finding a portia faded in the distance as time ran out. After spending a few hours on the trial, we, packed up and headed off to Batang Kali for a sumptous lunch...


Gliding lizard

Fighting spider

Face-to-face with a jumping spider

Crab spider with prey

A female jumper
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