Saturday, February 2, 2013

RC Eye - One

A curiosity item.. 

Quad-copters are the rave among Radio Controlled scale model enthusiasts.
These vertical take off and landing RC aircraft are stable and can be programmed as a drone to capture aerial photographs.
Well, that of course, are systems that are worth a five-figure price.
I went to the AMCORP Mall recently and found a shop that sells 'compatible' Lithium-Polymer (Li-Po) batteries for my Kyosho Minium AD helicopter.
The last time I flew my chopper was a year ago and when the battery pack starts to swell, this spells trouble.
I was lucky enough to score three Li-Po battery packs for RM30. This was a steal!
Then, I took a trip to another RC shop nearby.
The shopkeeper was not that friendly and it was like talking to a robot.
When I asked about quad-copters, they wanted to sell me the DJI phantom which looks like a cheap toy.. But there's more than meets the eye on this RC aircraft.
I asked if they had something smaller and was shown the RC Logger RC Eye One.
This is as good as it gets.
For RM190 a pop, she's ready to fly!
Best of all, the spares are also pretty cheap. You can get a pack of spare batteries for RM70 including its USB charger.
Ready to fly: The RC Eye One mini quadcopter
The low-down...

Well, basically, the RC Eye One is a basic quadcopter. It can be rigged for three different levels of skill set from beginner, intermediate to expert.
Despite its tiny size, you can be easily fooled by its simple appearance.
The RC Eye One comes with four powerful DC motors and its 7.4 volt Li-Po battery can yield a flight time of 3.5 minutes. 
That's not too bad if you have extra battery packs on standby.
The RC Eye One's remote control is like a Sony Playstation controller.
One stick on the left is for throttle/rudder and the other stick is for roll/nick.

The RC Eye One in flight
First flight..

I finally had the time to take the RC Eye One for its maiden flight at a playground near my house.
This was a perfect opportunity for me to see if the aircraft's built-in self-stabilizing features could really live up to its claim.
On the first few attempts, I found that flying on a nearly depleted Li-Po battery pack won't give the lift that the quad propellers would generate
So, I changed a new pack and started to fiddle around with the aircraft's throttle.
After numerous attempts, I managed to get the RC Eye One to hover about 12 feet in the air and slowly descend for a smooth landing on the grass.
This was followed by several more attempts before I was satisfied.
Since the rudder controls are integrated with the throttle, it takes some skills to fly the RC Eye One.
I guess its going to be more practice until I get a perfect hover..
The RC Eye One will later enjoy new accessories like a wireless camera and a computer link..

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