Monday, February 18, 2013

AMK 1.0

Sometimes, when you need to get things done, you have to it yourself..

I made some on-line purchases from Jenson USA. 
This is a trustworthy bicycle shop and so far, I've had some really good experiences shopping with them.
I paid for two AMK 0.5 first aid kits and the AMK 1.0 kit including a Mavic rain jacket which was on sale.
The 1.0 kit went for USD$12 (Now, with 12% price reduction at USD$9.99) and is the 'perfect' size for my Ortlieb hip pouch.
I had two AMK 2.0 kits purchased from my friend LC Keong of Outdoor Gear Malaysia. 
These were a tad 'too big' for solo excursions, but nevertheless, they proved to be indispensable for a group trip with more than four people.

Contents of the personal First Aid Kit

The right size: my AMK 1.0
Getting it back.. 

I had the kits sent to Vincent Lau, my brother in-law who was in the US for nearly a month.
It was shipped to his hotel in Houston, Texas.
After a few disappointing attempts to source for the kits locally, I've decided to take matter into my own hands and its just great to finally sink my paws on the kits.

Some personal modifications..

The kit came with a 'survival kit' which is not necessary for bike rides. 
I removed it and replaced the plastic pouch containing a compass and a whistle with some wound management items.
A large Smith and Nephew 'primapore' adhesive plaster fits nicely in the kit.
I also included some 3M 'Nextcare' plasters that are not available in the country.
The wound management kit is enough to take care of cuts and grazes which is most likely to occur.
For treating and cleaning wounds, I've added a set of Betadine swab sticks. This is similar to the TADgear swab kit which I bought way back in 2004.

The Betadine solution and now, available in swab kit for wound management

The AMK 1.0 packs enough bite for short trips in your personal pack or hip pouch.
To make it more versatile, you can discard some of its bulky contents to suite the purpose of your trips.
At USD$12 (RM38), its a small price to pay. I am glad to have solved the problem of packing a large First Aid Kit with the AMK 1.0 and with the AMK 0.5 kit, I am thinking of a way to maximise the contents in this small medical storage pack...
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