Monday, February 18, 2013

A short's story

A wardrobe crisis

I bought my last pair of shorts from REI in Las Vegas about five years ago.
Since then, they've been serving me well until holes started to appear. 
They were worn hard and rough and that five years of service, I am glad to 'let go' the torn and tattered shorts.
I must say that I got the most out of my North Face shorts that pre-dates the REI garment.
So, recently, I took a trip to Paradigm Mall in Petaling Jaya and found the replacement shorts of my choice.
The World of Sports outlet (This is a Singapore-owned franchise) were selling Mountain Hardware Matterhorn and Canyon shorts at 30% off. 
Become a member of the store, you get an additional 10%. 
So, that's about 40% savings. 
Even though the discounts were massive, I think the franchise had a 80% mark-up on their goods. 
That said, even if it was marked down, they would recover their cost including a smaller profit margin.

The Mountain Hardware Matterhorn shorts 

MH's canyon shorts which is a simpler design

He who waits gets the best deals...

Let's look at reality: nobody would pay RM299 for a pair of shorts.
That's what the Matterhorn shorts were priced at and with a 40% knockdown, the cost came to RM174.90. Still on the high side, but that would be the price I would pay for a pair of shorts purchased on-line including shipping to Malaysia. 
So, I was sold on landing myself a pair. The colour choices were limited. You get either Khaki, Dark Brown or Grey.
I bought two pairs of Matterhorns and a slightly simpler designed called the 'Canyon' at RM89.40 a pair.
With four pairs of Mountain Hardware shorts, I solved my wardrobe crisis for the outdoors. 
At least I have a few pairs of shorts to rotate and I think the quality, fit and finish of the Matterhorn and Canyon shorts had lived up to my expectations.
This was not my first Mountain Hardware clothing as my first purchase was in 1996 when I bought a fleece jacket from Campers Corner in Singapore...
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