Thursday, January 9, 2014

Fishing with Zak..

Fulfilling a promise...

I told my buddy Zakri "Billy" Baharuddin that I will take him and his son Hidir to fish at my buddy's farm in Karak.
Our first outing was a flop as we failed to land any catch at a paypond in Rawang.
That's paying RM35 for a few hours wasted.
We learned that the modern way of pond fishing has evolved.
Reared fishes are no longer easily baited with the flour and dough.
Scented mixtures are used for "flavour" to attract the fish.
But at Sin Poh Farm, fishing is as basic as ever....

Having breakfast in Karak...
We drove from Jalan Duta in Kuala Lumpur to Karak town and had arrange to meet Ah Pan, my farmer friend at Sin Poh.
It was raining heavily and by the time things had settled down nicely, we found our way to the farm and started fishing.
At the main pond, the boys didn't have much luck.
It was my rod that hooked up two climbing perches where Hidir had helped in reeling in one.
The boy was very happy.

Father and son walking to the fishing pond
Zak and Hidir

Zak's catch

Hidir at work

Catch of the day!
Plan B

We didn't have much luck at the main ponds, so, we moved closer to Ah Pan's holding pond.
Here, there's at least six tonnes of Tilapias weighing at 400grammes on the average.
The guys had a blast fishing at the holding area and we called it a day after a few hours of good fishing.
The least I can say is that the boy is really happy with his catch as the earlier outing was a sheer disappointment..

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