Friday, July 11, 2014

Cherating - Chukai, Part 02

Ruby's resort revisited...

We took our dogs to Ruby's resort in Cherating four years ago.
Barran was there and we took a detour, heading to his sister's place.
It's about 1km from the junction to the Cherating Turtle sanctuary and Club Med.
We rode through a sandy patch and realized that this was the perfect setting for our Dahon Jetstreams.
Unfortunately, my Jetstream EX is out of commission due to a busted brake lever.
After a short ride, we caught up with Barran.
He said he had wanted to talk to me about the new guardhouse in our neighbourhood and asked if I could contribute some cash.
Right now, the project is short of RM1K.
I told him that I agree and later gave him 1/10th of the amount.
We were treated to some tidbits and beers.
While cooling off, one of Ruby's customers came and ordered a beer.
He said something about a bike shop in Kg Tunku that sells Tern bikes and that he had one 20" bike used by his wife.
I did a time-check and realized that we were already at early evening and decided to ride back to Kg Cherating Lama.

Riding to Ruby's

The sandy patch

Chilling out with our neighbour Barran
Bring on the night.. 

We chilled out at our chalet till late in the evening.
Managed to get a shower and stored the bikes in the hut.
Michelle suggested that we fill the icebox with beers. 
And we did just that by heading back to Chukai to get our stock.
Took us a while till we managed to locate a place that sells them.
It's into the icebox and back to Cherating. 
We decided to eat at a makan place called Intan Seafood.
It's a short walk across the beach toward this restaurant and it's packed with customers.
Michelle was rather disgusted with how disrespectful some local tourists were with their dressing.
That doesn't bother me as this is a Muslim eatery and most of the patrons there were breaking fast.
We decided to have a simple meal, so, I ordered Seafood nasi goreng and Michelle had nasi goreng kampung.
That, and with some fried pepper crabs.
Service was extremely slow here, but when the food arrived, the quality of the food served here was pretty decent.
Our bill came up to RM64 (RM42 for the crabs).
After having our makan, it was back to the chalet..
We had some chilled beers and after a few, I decided to call it a night.. 

One of Ruby's cat
Rolling out

An unusual cloud formation...
Mrs Samo and her dinner

Intan Seafood

Fried pepper crabs

Seafood fried rice
Heading back to the real world...

With whatever sleep that we can get, we managed to cap off a few hours.
I woke up at 8am, packed our stuff, pushed the bikes to a lawn area near where the car is parked and worked on organizing the luggage and folded bikes.
Took a while, but we managed to cram in everything.
In less-than 20-minutes, we were on the road again.
Our mission was to get some fresh seafood in Beserah.
We went to our regular fish market there and bought some fresh prawns.
Later, we went down to Kuantan and had breakfast at a local coffee shop.
After the simple meal, we fueled up the car and rode towards Karak and met Ah Pan, our friend and had lunch with him there.
The drive back to KL was over an hour and when we got home, it's just great to be reunited back with the kids.
There were lots of unpacking and laundry to do and our day ended just like that.
Cherating is fun, the ride was short and definitely worth a follow-up in the future..

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