Monday, August 24, 2015

The Super-Top Secret project..

You can sneak around, but you can't hide..

Malaysia's Tern distributor has been hard at work to fill in orders for their 2016 bikes.
Among them, are the new 26" Tern Eclipse X-20/22.
Now, I heard this from a reliable source that the bike was under development some time back and it will be shown at the Eurobike 2015 show in Germany this weekend.

What to expect?

Now, having a larger wheelbase don't necessarily mean a larger frame.
From what I have been made to understand, only the wheel diameter is different.
Rather than the usual X-20 specs as most Tern enthusiasts are familiar with, the new Eclipse will incorporate road components and one of them will be a hydraulic disk brake system developed for road bikes.
On top of that, rumors had it that Shimano road components will be fitted onto the new bike. I am not sure on the series, but the Shimano Ultegra is said to be the choice components for the new 26" bike.
Okay, that covered, the stock-standard tires for the Eclipse X-20 are Schwalbe Kojaks.
To make the Eclipse as good as a road bike, without burning a hole in your pocket, Tern is seriously looking at the Schwalbe One.


On whether it will hit our shores next year, well, it's hard to tell.
There are factors that will deter the bike from landing on the shelves.
First, is the high US Dollars. 
Next, GST and excise duty for bikes - especially folding bikes.
But, it will be interesting to see the new 26" beast on our roads. At least one old-timer has expressed interest on getting this bike because he is "running out of time"..

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