Thursday, September 3, 2015

Tern Eclipse X-22

It gets bigger and well, slightly better...

The 26" Tern Eclipse X-22 was announced at Eurobike last week

It's no secret that Tern had developed their flagship Eclipse X-series bike with a 26" wheel-set.
This upgrade meant you can keep up with road bikes. Well, if you are fit enough that is.
I had an email conversation with Joshua Hon of Tern Bicycles who told me that there are some significant improvements on their new model.

The dimensions on the new Eclipse X-22 is no bigger than its predecessors. Basically, it is as large as an Eclipse S18 when folded. 
Josh said the bike is fast and fitting a Schwalbe One road tire on this baby is actually possible.
On the looks factor, this bike has it all to attract experience cyclists.
One significant feature on this bike, are the disk brakes.
I am not sure if hydraulics or mechanical braking systems are used on this bike, but having experienced disk brakes on folding bikes, it can be a real pain to upkeep.

Malaysian premier..

I observed that the Malaysian distributor is not good at keeping secrets. They are also pretty anal when it comes to dealing with digital media practitioners.
In July, some dealers were approached for orders.
I heard the basic 26" bike is within the region of RM9,000 or less.
And the high-end Eclipse X-22 is estimated to cross the RM10K mark at any given time.
So, on the availability of the bike, well, we might see it on the first-quarter of 2016 if orders are filled. 
Terns are very popular in the Klang Valley and I am sure that there are some fanboys out there who can't wait to sink their claws on this beauty.
On making a splash, the bike will be previewed at the KL Car Free Weekend on Sept 6. So, if you spot a nice-looking Eclipse that is different from the rest, well, I am sure the product people would be happy to let you fondle it.

Test rides and short-term evaluations..

I regret to say this bike would be made available only for the big boys in the cycling media such as magazines and larger portals. Small farts such as me, are never even considered even when I give them free ads on my e-magazine. So if I want review it, I would have to buy it.. That said, no thank you.. 

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