Friday, October 23, 2015

A clean bill of health...

The moment of truth...

Three months has passed since I embarked on a fitness program.
My aim was weight loss and getting lean. 
I walked 10km a day, sometimes clocking up to 20km to burn calories.
My daily calorie burn is roughly about 930 calories.
To get into shape, I split my workouts into two sets. One in the morning and the other late in the evening or at night.
Despite the shitty weather, I pushed on. There's no stopping.
So, having given my blood sample before heading off to Bangkok for my multimedia workshop, my chances to get off medication was good.
I have restricted my diet to greens and lean meat. Rice is only for lunch in a manageable portion.
At night, I eat light.

My hbA1c test - non-diabetic
 So, with all that done, my body began to heal. 
No more junk food, carbonated drinks. I had beers occasionally, but that was it.
I met Dr. Selva, the man who diagnosed me. 
He showed my test results and revealed to me on what to expect.
"Good. I have never seen a patient so determined. 
"You had one something right. 
"Now, I am taking you off your medication and will decrease the dosage for your hypertension meds. Keep it up, what you are doing..."
Hearing that was like striking a lottery.
I am cleared of diabetes and high cholesterol.
But I am not out of the woods as yet. There's much to do.

Too extreme?

I asked Dr. Selva if my program was too drastic.
He said I was "in-between"
"There are three types of weight loss.
"First, the extreme. You lose 10kg a week. That is not good.
"Next, there's the drastic weight loss, you lose weight rapidly, but in a month or so.
"Lastly, gradual weight loss. Noticeable in three months.
"What you are experiencing, is right in the middle of it."
My goal is to reach 78kg. That is my ideal weight and the Body Mass Index indicates that such is "ideal".

Walking outdoors despite the haze...
My current weight

The distance I've logged on walking

Getting lean...

Every day I workout at the office gym.
There's no excuse and I can't be lazy. I plan this during lunch time and spend an average of one hour doing body weight exercise and lifting weights.
I started with a warm-up session on the bike, clocking in 15-minutes in two sets.
From there, it's the body weight workout.

  • Leg lifts - 10 reps 1 set x 2
  • Stomach crunch - 10 reps 1 set x 2
  • Push-ups - 10 reps 1 set x 2
After the body weight exercise, it's time to curl the dumbbells. 
I do two sets with 30 minutes switching from cardio to weight training.
The results are slowly showing. I am not aiming to be a meat head, but rather lean and fit.
Now that I am progressively stronger, I need to add more resistance and maintain my daily routine both walking and at the gym.
Hopefully, in the next 90 days, I will be able to shed half the weight and progress to achieve my goals by the second quarter of next year. 

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