Thursday, December 24, 2015

2015 - The year in perspective...

A year of drastic changes...


I have to say that 2015 was a year full of ups and downs.
It opened with my last gig organizing my former section's teambuilding event. With all the budget cuts, it nearly didn't happen. But we pulled through.
By the third-quarter of the year, my career as a print editor also ended. I made an unceremonious exit and never regretted my move to the multimedia unit that I am presently attached to.
In short, change was inevitable.
The days of being complacent with print is over.
Speaking of adventures, Michelle and I fared pretty okay. We did one tour ride on the East Coast of the Peninsula and bikepacking trip to Cambodia.
My only official overseas trip was a training stint in Bangkok, Thailand. I am very grateful to my company for the gig.
Perhaps the most drastic change in my life was shedding nearly 19kg.
My doctor said if I chose to live a sedentary lifestyle and continue to eat beyond my means, it would end up with a multiple bypass surgery on my heart.
In May, 2015, my blood-sugar levels were off the roof.
I realised that the only way to fight diabetes, is to undergo a drastic change in lifestyle.
I began to walk everyday. From 2km, it went up to 5km and eventually 10km a day.
In three months, I reduced my weight from 101kg to 90kg.
The first 40 days were the hardest. I ate clean, exercised and slept well.
After six months, I weighed-in at 82.3kg. There's at least 6.5kg to go and I plant to carry on next year till I achieve my ideal weight.
I look forward to 2016 with a few adventures in mind. I will also continue with my archery and hope to bag some hogs on my hunts.
To cap it up, 2015 had its uncertainties, but I pulled through.

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