Sunday, February 14, 2016

Teaching, a true nobility...

There's hope for humanity...

I've been working for half my life.
And in the journey, I've met good and bad people.
Event in middle-age, I am still making friends. And of course, friends fall out of favour after some time.
I thrive on sincerity and these days, such qualities are hard to come by.
Which brings me to the subject of Mr KP Lau, my former schoolmate.
I've known him for more than 35 years. Mr Lau is a teacher by profession and has four children.
He may be a bit naive when it comes to certain things, but holds no reservation when it comes to passing down knowledge, even to a complete stranger.
What I like about Lau, is his unquestionable willingness to share his knowledge. Point in case - archery.

Lau teaching a kid in my neighbourhood about archery

Picking up arrows on a target butt after a try-out
I watched from a distance as Lau taught a kid from my neighbourhood on how to shoot an arrow with a bow.
He used his son's target recurve bow for this purpose.
On any given day, guys with bows will slap a bill for the boy's father for the "demonstration".
To Lau, it's not about the money, but rather the spirit of sportsmanship.
And for that, he had earned my respect!
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