Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Easton Legacy

Doug Easton's heritage...

The Easton Legacy Aluminium arrow shaft is a reflection of Doug Easton's heritage in the arrow manufacturing business.
Easton started his company in 1922 and the Legacy retains the original looks of the arrows that were made in the era.

Tough as nails

I came across the Easton Legacy arrows a year ago. At the time, I was looking for something to go with my Hoyt Buffalo Takedown Recurve bow. 
I procured a dozen of size 2018 Legacy arrows from Mr Tan Peng Loon, a friend of mine who was then working for LA Sports, an archery pro-shop in Bandar Menjalara, Kepong.

Maximum damage: The bullet points

A new lease of life, the re-furbished Legacies
I had the arrows fletched with white feathers and took them to compete at the 2016 Princess Cup Archery Tournament in Bangkok, Thailand.
The 2018 Legacy shafts were used with my Hoyt Buffalo and I had some decent results with it.
If I am not competing in tournaments, the Legacy will be used for hunting.
So, to overcome damaged shafts in the field, I had at least two and half dozen of Legacy arrows in my keeps.

A new lease of life...

Commenting on the 1916 Legacy shaft

Excellent 3D target arrows
Earlier this year, I had a batch of the 2018 Legacy arrows refurbished for use with my Hoyt Tiburon takedown recurve bow.
They are a tad too heavy for the #35lb bow, but worked just fine. I used them in a couple of local tournaments with great success.

In my humble opinion, the Legacy is a great hunting and 3D target shaft. It has a straightness of -+.002" and comes in six sizes.
Meant for heavy poundage bows, the smallest spined Legacy is size 1916 (#40-45lbs).
For training purposes, I ordered two dozens of 1916 Legacy shafts from a local product distributor.
These will be used for our 3D shoots as well as local tournaments. On the whole, I am pretty pleased with the quality of the aluminium arrows except for the ill-fitting inserts.
To get a plush fit, I had to ground down the 8/32 inserts. After working on it, there seems to be no issues at all building the arrows...

( A review of the Easton Legacy on my YouTube channel)

Availability update: Fletched Legacy arrows - six in a pack is now available from Excella Archery (019-624 9433)
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