Thursday, February 4, 2010

No more knives?

Jokes aside, I think this will be a year with very few knives on the horizon.Earlier, I've planned to get at least two folding knives from Strider knives and Chris Reeves Knives.But with the acquisition of my Digital Single Lens Reflex camera and a couple of lenses including accessories,
the need for knives have taken a backseat.Late last year, I was eagerly anticipating the release of Strider's Framelock AR. After seeing its initial batch of 100 sold by an on-line retailer in the US, I was kind of disappointed with its fit,
finish and pricing.So, that said, I might just pick one up from the secondary market because I don't think I want to pay the full price.Even more disappointing, was the special suspect edition of the Strider SMF folder.I just don't see a point in having a folding knife with carbon fibre scales and a bronze goat bead. Its just not my style.So, the right thing to do, was to back out and let someone else step up into the queue. I kept my word as the person who started it all to oblige in taking names for an order list.Now that the project is nearing its completion, I can rest at ease.On the other hand, I can't say the same for a small Sebenza with doggy paw print that I am eyeing from Chris
Reeve Knives.This knife is more appealing to me and I guess that if I am disciplined enough, I might land one sometime before
Christmas.As for the rest of the year, I forsee even fewer knives.My focus now, is photography and two trips to the US to catch up with some friends.
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