Monday, October 29, 2012


Bogus? The Samos
A sound advice..
Chris Ho, a friend of mine who is an accomplished underwater photographer and diver once told me: "Eh Sam, never look down on people.."
Ho, who is probably in his 70s now, lives in Singapore and is a man who worked his way up the ranks.
This brought me to a conversation with a fellow cyclist.
I had coffee with her recently and caught up with what she has been doing.
While we were chatting, she told me that a Folding Bike Guru made mention about my attempts to cycle long-distance which he said was utter 'bogus'.
"Aiyaaa.. That guy cannot cycle so far la.. He probably drove to a signboard, unfolded his bicycle and took photos.."
She said she didn't know what compelled the guy to say such a thing and only a person who had done it would actually come up with such a thought... Hahahaha!
And for a 'guru' to fling such wild accusations, I pity his followers.

Statistics never lie..

My profile on
 I don't do things to impress other people. And GPS track logs can never be doctored.
So far, after using my Garmin EDGE800 bicycle GPS, I have recorded 73 activities and officially logged-in 3,701.78km.
This is my personal achievement. And if the 'guru' thinks that I am not up to his mark, well, that's just too fucking bad.
Right from the start, we joined the group to learn things.
And when the motive became very clear that it was an 'elitist' ideal for everyone to get a British-made Brompton to do 'Gentlemen' cycling, now that's baloney!
I think its wrong to force your opinion on people when its a free-society where we can make up our own mind.
The choices were obvious.
And looking down on people who could only afford Dahons and lable them as bogus for their little achievements - well, that's really low. 
I mean, how much more lower can you go?

Moral of the story..
Never lie to yourself. Don't set out to do things you cannot do.
If you have a goal, set out to achieve it no matter what people say about you.
Things that won't hurt your reputation would make you stronger.
So, while this guru and his loyal band of follower basks in their glory, I will continue to take photos of me and my bike on signboards all over the country..
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