Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Pangkor - Part 3

Half way through

The descend to Teluk Dalam was an experience that one would never forget.
It was a pure adrenaline rush as we maneuver the bikes around bends at speeds up to 60km/h.
This is also the time where you depend entirely on your brakes to function.
As for me, the Ashima PCB brakes held up very well, significantly slowing down the fast descent down to Teluk Dalam.
Patric, who is the more experienced guy in riding around Pangkor, said the best course is the harder one from town to Sungai Pinang Kecil.

Michelle riding her Dahon Jetstream P8
From Teluk Dalam, the ride was much more smoother.
We chilled out near the Berjaya Resort and took a breather before proceeding further into the trail which led us to the Pangkor Forest Reserve.
Basically, this is a secluded part in the Northern tip of the island.
We found a small retreat there and its caretaker actually came to tell us that the place is closed facility meant only for paid customers.
We told them that we were just passing by as curiosity seekers.
After a brief conversation, we continued riding towards the island's airfield.

At the Northern tip of the island..
Patric, chatting up with the caretaker
Teluk Nipah and Pasir Bogak...

We continued towards Teluk Nipah, which seems to the most populated part in the island.
This place is no different than most of the seafront holiday areas in the country, which is pretty dirty and polluted.
The next stop is Pasir Bogak where we decided to find a place and hydrate ourselves.
So, we chilled out at a stall and at the same time, refilled our water bottles.
From Pasir Bogak, its just another 2km to the Pangkor town.

The Dutch Fort

There is a ruin in the island which became a tourist attraction.
Its a Dutch Fortress and the only thing left standing were some bricks stacked together.
We snapped some photos and as I was hanging around, a couple who overtook us earlier on their rented motorcycle were taking photos of Patric's Beixo bike.
They struck a conversation with us and told us that they were from Penang.
We continued to a rock where the image of a Lion was carved onto it.
Little is known about this carving that was made in the late 1700s.

Beixo awareness time
Back in Pangkor town...
We're done!

By 11:30am, the sun was out in its full glory.
Its also the hottest time of the year and we decided to head back to town.
Patric suggested a visit to a seafood processing factory which is a short distance away from the town's ferry terminal.
We hung out at this place and purchased some of their products before jumping back onto the ferry for the ride back to Marina Island.

The anchovy fleet

A scene at the Pangkor jetty

Ladies at work, sorting out dried anchovies
A good trip...

We packed up and went to Sitiawan for lunch.
By mid-day, there weren't much choices. But we found a decent makan place in town that offers steamed garoupa head.
That was the bonus part and we've had a fantastic lunch.
After the ride, we've also worked out a good appetite.

Arrival at the Marina Island Ferry terminal
Lunch in Sitiawan
We've had a short trip and a great time under the awesome company of Patric and his son.
I see a lot of potential to develop cycling tourism in Pangkor and I bet that in the months to come, we would do at least two more follow-up rides there.

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