Friday, May 10, 2013

The Brahminy Kite

A chance encounter...

There is a pair of kites hovering over our neighbourhood.
Today, while driving back to my house, I saw a lone Bird of Prey with a piece of twig on its mouth.
It was flying so low, its unbelievable.
Later, I took my camera out to the fence, separating a patch of wooded area and the ELITE Highway.
The Kite's natural habitat, high above Bukit Lanchong was destroyed by some developer.
Removal of land from the hill had caused a mudslide some months back.
Even the monkeys that resides there are no longer seen around.
The Kite's nest

The pair, high above our neighbourhood..
Flying low and fast..

While I was walking to the site where I had first spotted the bird, I saw one raptor flying low and fast.
I tracked it with my camera and fired a few shots.
With a burst and servo AF focusing, I managed to cap off a few decent shots.
I followed the Kite and saw another raptor beside it.
Together, they were soaring high above the skies and I kept watch for at least an hour before calling it a day.


If the Raptors are indeed nesting in my neighbourhood, there is a good chance of capturing more decent shots of the Brahminy Kite in action.
I can certainly look forward to this during my week-long leave from work..
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