Monday, October 7, 2013

Cool beans from Tern Bicycles for 2014

Entry-level bike for the Verge family

Tern's entry-level bike in the Verge platform: Verge P9
Next year will see the introduction of the inexpensive Verge P9, a nine-speed bike in addition to the company's stable of single and duo-speed 20" folding bicycles.
This will bridge the gap between the Verge X10 and P18.
From its set-up and features, the new Verge P9 will fit in nicely for cyclists on a budget looking for a reliable ride.
Based on the specs, this 11kg bike will be able to handle anything from leisure rides to commutes.

New and improved for 2014

Verge P20
Another bike that made its debut in Eurobike 2013 was the Tern Verge P20.
This folding bike is the latest addition to the Verge platform and is expected to replace the Verge P18, which made its mark as a successful and affordable bike for cyclists seeking a moderately-priced entry-level bike.
Like the model its replacing, the Verge P20 features a 20-speed drivetrain, which is ideal for cyclists wanting a flexible gear range for short, middle and long-distance rides.
The components on this bike are hardy enough to take the punishment of daily use. And the new Verge P20 is expected to hit our shores at the later date in the first quarter of 2014.

The "other" little big bike!

The design team at Tern Bicycles have been constantly improving their masterpiece.
And for those who are facing the "Circus Bear" syndrome, here's a compact bike with 24" wheels that is up to the mark in terms of value for money and overall performance.
The Eclipse P18 was introduced at the Eurobike 2013 show to complement the Eclipse platform.
It's bang for your buck lies in the hardy components and the 18-speed drivetrain will ensure that you able to take on any terrain thrown your way.
Like the Verge P9 and P20, the Eclipse P18 is also expected to be seen in Malaysia in the next few months. Hopefully, in January when K2 Asia receives their shipment of new bikes from Tern Bicycles. 

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