Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Malaysian Foldie

Cover of the October 2013 issue
Raising the bar...

You've read the Samosaurus Chronicles and its been on-line since 2009.
Taking things one step further is an electronic magazine catered specifically for folding bicycle owners.
I believe in sharing knowledge, news and entertainment (for a few laughs) and came up with the idea of an e-magazine.
So, having tweaked with Joomag, an e-magazine creator, I put up a 14-page magazine and posted in on-line in mid-September.
It has a lukewarm reception as many mobile users were asking for a version where they can read on their cellphones.
Joomag offers their creator software (web-based) free-of-charge.
For more features, its USD$39.95 a month (RM130) with HTML5 support for mobile, Native iPad and much, much more.
I intend to keep this as simple as possible and also free-of-charge to the readers.
That said, I sat down and started working on the content and came up with the first issue in about three hours.
The contents were sourced from my blog which is readily available and three years worth of work would easily fill up the pages.

Cover of the first issue in September 2013
A milestone..

No one has come up with a magazine dedicated to folding bikes before.
You might have read some published articles on Cycling Malaysia which were mostly advertorial-based or simply ripped off from brochures.
On The Malaysian Foldie, we give you the heart and soul of the subject with in-depth articles and reviews.
And to keep things going, I offered free advertisements to my contacts for the first three issues.

Articles plucked form the e-mag (issue 02)

An advertisement placed next to a feature article on the magazine
 Well, I am pretty happy with the results and will continue to serve the folding bike community with the magazine.
In the months to come, I hope to get more advertisements from my contacts to balance out the pages.
The magazine can be read here: The Malaysian Foldie - Issue 01, September 2013 and The Malaysian Foldie: Issue 02, October 2013 Enjoy the magazine and happy reading!

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