Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mrs Samo's new bike...

Latest addition to the Speed family - Speed TR

The SRAM Dual Drive II transmission box
After owning two Dahon folding bikes for more than two years, I've decided to upgrade my wife's ride. 
The toss-up was between a Jetstream P8 or a bike with a wider gear selection and the Speed TR came in hands-down.
I must say that the 2011 edition of the TR is impressive.
It has a joule II dynamo power generator that came complete with the Biologic Ree-charge system to enable small electronics like a cellphone and GPS to be charged on the go.
An integrated light on the bike's new Andro stem system came in really handy. It also has a battery compartment of the dynamo is out of commission.
And when you factor in the chromoly frame, weight bearing is absolutely no-frills.
I've had my Dahon Speed P8 rigged in the same manner - front and back traveller's rack. 
With the Speed TR, this came as a standard fitting.
There's a spanniga rear light which was a neat package.
While the Speed P8 is meant for short to middle distance commuting, the TR comes with a set of gear that yields greater distance.
I must say that I marvel at its dual-drive II system which is a combination of traditional cassette gears and a hub with a planetary gear system.
This gives the bike the torque that it'll need to haul stuff and go the distance. 
I don't think tackling hills is now an issue with the 8x3 gearing system.
On the whole, I am pleased with the bike's handling and overall built quality.
Cost wise, I feel that its my Ringgit and Sen well-spent.
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