Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Just nooming around..

Some of the best things in life are free..

I downloaded an apps from Google Play that measures one's footstep.
Its called "Noom Walk" and its really easy and interesting.
Using the smartphone's gyro-sensors, it measures footsteps.
And when you are able to achieve 5,000 steps in a day, the apps will alert you.
You can also record your best performance with a weekly breakdown given on the screen.

The app's screen shot
Setting daily challenges...

You can get in touch with your friends using the same app to encourage them to walk more.
Best of all, its the battery-saving feature on this app that is quite impressive.
It uses a minute amount of power from your phone battery to run.

I used my Garmin Fenix to track my walk and combined with the Noom Walk app
The apps is available free from Google Play and you can also download Noom Weight Coach for managing your body weight! 

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