Saturday, November 2, 2013

ToST II - Part 4

Light and easy in Sichon...

We checked-in at the Prasansuk villa resort.
Nice place to chill out and definitely a good choice considering that its a full-fledged resort below RM100 per night.
I got to work right away with the punctured rear tire on Michelle's Dahon Speed TR.
Seems that the patch on the tube was leaking. So, a replacement tube was in order.
It took little effort to inflate the tire with the Speed TR's seatpost pump. 
Once the matter was resolved, we made plans to check out Sichon's town square.

The nice beach area in Sichon

Our termite-infested chalet

A friendly pooch

Michelle, taking a breather..
With the little daylight that was left, we did our daily laundry chores.
The clothes needs to be washed and dried before we could pack them for the journey.
Later in the day, we rode out towards town.
There was a nice lookout point overseeing the river with vessels heading out to the sea to prepare for the catch of the day.
Basically, its a 3km roll from the Prasansuk resort to town.
We were told by a local to find a Mukata (BBQ house) and set out to do so.

The cosy resort in Sichon

Boats heading out to sea

Dinner at the Mukata restaurant

Sin and a local policeman
Don't expect too much...

Sichon is basically a seaside town where the economy is based entirely on fisheries and aquaculture.
Roger said much of the local industry depends heavily on shrimp breeding.
We rode into town and found a flurry of activities.
There was a night market and no Mukata join in sight.
Since its a local eatery, the best person to ask -- is the local cop.
We found a policeman and asked for directions. He pointed out that the restaurant is away from the town's market.
It took us a while to locate it and when we finally found the place, we went down to the makan part.
Since we've experienced Mukata in Ranot on ToST I, it became the benchmark in terms of pricing and quality.
In Sichon, we were disappointed.
Nevertheless, we got over this quick and proceeded back to the resort to get some much deserved rest.


Saying goodbye to our furry friend.
At the resort, we worked out the expenses. 
Sin was busy uploading his photos onto his Facebook account.
He has a big following and the live streaming was part of the highlight.
We caught some shuteye and gathered at the resort's cafe for their complimentary breakfast the next morning.
The journey to Khanom is roughly about 45km. 

Rolling out of Sichon
A nice detour on the country road

Re-joining route 401
So far, we've done pretty okay from Nakhon to Sichon.
Khanom is said to be a place that is favoured by Western travelers.
This unspoiled haven is something that I was looking forward to..

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