Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Taipei Intl Cycle Show - Part 2

Day two...

I caught up with my much-needed sleep and wandered around Ximending for some breakfast. 
Found a decent makan place and ordered a bowl of oyster mee-suah. Which was very decent and the gravy was blasted with garlic.
Made my way to the Nangang exhibition hall and took as many photos as I could.
The mandatory stops were at the Schwalbe booth.
This year, the tire company launched their Durano plus tire and I saw a 20" tire on display at their booth.
Later, I made my way to the Pacific Cycle booth and met Fei Lee of GW Cycles.
We chat a bit and I learned that he has been in Taipei since last Friday.
He will be leaving tomorrow afternoon for KL.
Lee also showed me a prototype Pacific Reach. 
Then, some bigwig from the company said the bike cannot be shown in postings and blogs as its not a production model.
Its also strange to learn that Lee has yet to sell any Pacific Reach in KL.
Another exciting new product was the Birdy Classic. 
This is based on its original Riese & Muller design and it's already catching up fast in KL.

GW Cycle's Lee at the Taipei Cycle show
At the Pacific Cycles booth

A Pacific Reach rigged for touring
While I was doing my rounds, I bumped into Mr Khoo from Funsportz, the guy in charge of GoPro cameras.
He was with his own entourage, we chat a bit, but the people whom he was leading seemed pretty stuck-up.
From the main exhibition area, I moved to the sixth floor where Dahon had launched their new product: the Dahon Clinch.
This is their flagship bike using a 10-speed SRAM Red drivetrain and is incorporated with some new technology for better handling.
The Clinch is previewed for the first time at the Taipei Cycle show.
I think this is an exciting new bike and it's got all the bells and whistles to flaunt.
At the reception, I also bumped into Henry Hon, one of the brothers who founded Dahon Bicycles. 

The Dahon Clinch

A sporty looking Dahon Visc

An orange Dahon Speed

A black/green Dahon Jetstream P8
Tern's trolley rack wins award..

The trolley rack that came standard with Tern Link D7i has won a design award at the Taipei Cycle show! 
Congrats to Josh and team Tern on this well-deserved award.
Well, that's all the time I have.. I am getting ready for the Tern social ride that is taking place later today at 5:30pm. 
More to come..

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