Wednesday, September 10, 2014

2014 World Car Free Day

What to expect when you are expecting? 

Well, nothing much actually. Hahahah!!!
The World Car Free Day is an annual affair where the public is encouraged to cycle, run or walk or take public transport.
What does this mean? 
Leave your car or motorcycle at home, walk to the bus stop, take the commuter train or walk all the way to your destination. Simple as that.

Cycling, my preferred weapon of choice..

If you have a bike, get it serviced, make sure it's roadworthy. You can use it to cycle to work or carry out your chores.
By cycling to work, you are doing your co-workers a big favour by giving more parking space in the office.
And by doing so, you might encourage more folks to take the green initiative.
On the road, do make it a point to carry your bike tools, spare inner tube and patch kit. And when all else fails, say, you encounter mechanical breakdown or have both your tires flat, there's always a phone call to your buddy or spouse for a rescue.

Safety, safety, safety..

Speaking of using the road, sharing it with others who utilise it, do make it a point to wear head protection.
Now, I know that there are some nutjobs out there who prefer to cycle without any head protection, that should not be taken as a good example. After all, it's your head, everything in it needs to be protected.

And when you are riding in failing light, please make an effort to ride bright, use lights and be seen.
Lastly, if you are taking the cycle to work challenge on September 22, ride safe! 

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