Thursday, September 25, 2014

Taiping Foldies Ride - Part 3

Port Weld revisited..

We arrived at Port Weld from Matang in a short time.
The group was cycling in a single file, an orderly manner towards the town area in Port Weld.
Our host from Taiping did a good job leading the ride as well as keeping tabs on safety and staying on the route as planned.
In Port Weld, we were taken to some really interesting places. Some, I never knew existed..

A well-organized group
While we were at the outskirts of town, one of the riders had a puncture.
He had his tire changed at a local bike shop.
After he was done, we rode towards the fishing village where they took group photos.
The plan was to have lunch at a mee udang shop, but it was closed.

Processed seafood

The first railway station in the country

Port Weld

Yun, making a statement
Lousy noodles and a chance meeting..

We decided that it was best to have lunch at Mee Udang Mak Jah, that was opened on the day.
The guys made a beeline to get their orders taken and a plate of Mee Udang costs about RM8.
Mine had some rancid-smelling shrimps and it was so bad, I only at the noodles.
While we were chowing down, Mr Gan, a cyclist from Penang came by with his wife and son.
He said there was another group of cyclists from KL that were on their way to Port Weld.
We didn't meet them and after engaging in a conversation, we rode out towards the Matang Forest Reserve.
Encik Azam, the leader defacto of the Ipoh Foldies group had linked us up with the Matang Forest Reserve's forestry officer for a tour of the facility.

At the Matang Forest Reserve

Taking an educational tour of the managed mangrove forest

At a charcoal factory near Port Weld
Ending it with some fun stuff..

We were led back to Taiping by En Jamell's crew through Aulong, technically, a straight line from Port Weld to Taiping.
It was a short ride back to the Prison's bungalow where I had prepared some prizes for a lucky draw.
By the time we got there, it was already mid-day.
The group had pushed all the way back and everyone was accounted for.
En Jamell gave a short speech while we thanked Johnny Ng from My Bicycle Shop for lending his support, Le Run Industries for sponsoring some prizes for a lucky draw.

Jamell handing out a prize to a winner from the draw
Another lucky winner!

Hosing down the dirt and road soup

Johnny cleaning up his ride..
All's well ends well.. 

We parted ways with the Ipoh Foldies who went straight back to their hometown and spent some time catching up with fellow cyclists.
It was a good ride and we managed to enjoy the kampung scenery.
Later in the evening, we rode out to the Larut-Matang food court to savour some char koay teow and mee goreng mamak.
For the rest of the KL crew, it's an extra night in Taiping before heading back to Kuala Lumpur the next day..
Azam, the leader of the Ipoh group is mulling another ride and a workshop for beginners with support from the Youth and Sports Ministry. 
We at The Malaysian Foldies will see that it happens.. 

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