Sunday, January 25, 2015

Beautiful bikes for big people: Tern Node D16

The Node D16 24" folding bike
A quiet entry..

Tern's new Node D16 folding bike made it's way to our bike store's shelves almost unnoticeable.

It arrived sometime in early January and response has been really warm for this 24" folding bike.
As a matter of fact, the Node made its debut in August 2013 at the Eurobike show and is meant or tall and large-sized cyclists.
You can see the similar frame geometry on the Node if you compare it to the Tern Link D8 and the discontinued P9 bikes as it is a "larger" bike.
And as far as handling is concerned, the Node is one sweet bike to ride. It's sturdy and solid and is perfect for beginners.

What's cool? 

The Node D16 is a 16-speed bike capable of handling any terrain thrown at it. It has a 11-30T cassette which is decent enough to cruise around town, your neighbourhood and even for bikepacking rides.
To ensure years of fun under the Sun, Tern did not cut any corners to package this bike with decent mid-range components.
And for a pricetag of RM2,400, you get the good stuff like Shimano shifters and rear derailleur.
There's even a piece of chainspotter (which is crude compared to higher-quality components) that protects the bike's frame and at the same time: prevents chain slips when you are shifting gears.
The stock-standard tires are the Schwalbe Kojak 24x1.50 tires. These are great for pavement riding, but if you want more out of it I would recommend an upgrade to the Schwalbe Marathon Supreme or Big Apple.

The Spartan rack

Cargo rack

Definitely, a bike for keepsake..

There are endless possibilities with the Tern Node D16.
All you need to do, is add some cool accessories such as the Biologic cargo rack and spartan rack and your bike is ready to do some light and medium touring.
What's nice about this bike is it's compact size when folded. If you commute regularly, the bike can be fitted into a carry-on cover. Though most "city riding experts" would consider this 12.8kg bike "heavy", I'd say that you don't have to lug it everywhere with a bag. Best of all, the 24" bike is so versatile, you don't even need to take the train if you live in the city centre.


The Tern Node D16 is available from Johnny Ng's My Bicycle Shop in BU4, Bandar Utama and most Rodalink outlets in the Klang Valley.

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