Thursday, January 29, 2015

Smitten by Archery

The "early" days..

I recall being a casual laborer for some older boys back in school when it comes to setting up target buds, an easel and putting signs to warn other people that an archery practise is going on at the school field.
In the years that I was in secondary school, I managed to shoot at least five times.
This was "on the behest" of the archery club's head honchos, who in turn, were actually entertaining their peers with some choice recurve bows.
Best of all, the arrows were short of landing on the target bud and went straight into the ground.
School days was fun, but the kids were taught the wrong techniques and used outdated equipment.

"Glamping", where it all begins again.. 

Ugh! I hated the word: "Glamping". But when the shit hits the fan, that'll do.
I was tasked to run a teambuilding event, but the company has no budget and made it really difficult to get things started.
So, the other alternative was an outing with an outdoor products distributor who invited my team to attend their "Glamping" event.
And it happened.
I didn't give two fucks about sleeping in a tent with an air mattress and my role in this particular event, is to make sure that everything goes as planned.
Part of the activity set for the second-day of the event was archery.
The company's archery division had set up a short range with two sets of bows and arrows.
And while the crowd was away on their tour of the Putrajaya Wetlands where the Glamping event was held, the guy in charge of archery had allowed me to give their 10-meter outdoor range a try.

Posing at a standee at the camping ground

The tents
And it all came back.. 

The organizers supplied two sets of 30lb bows. 
It was really hard to draw, but, with a little bit of experience, releasing the arrow onto the target bud was a matter of correcting the path of the arrow's flight.
So, that said, while the others were away, I managed to shoot three rounds and found that it was not that hard to put the arrows into the target area.

Trying out the bow 
Not bad for an old man.. 
And so my journey begins.. 

I must say that I was hooked on putting the arrows on the target bud and went for a few rounds at the archery range till late in the evening.
That inspired me to do more research on getting a set of bow and arrows to learn and improve on archery.

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