Thursday, February 5, 2015

Get your spouse into Archery!

There is life after cycling.. 

This year's teambuilding/Glamping affair changed the course of my life.
I found that I don't hang out at bicycle shops that often.
Some even said I had burned out, I am no longer interested in cycling anymore and had sold all the bikes. I wish that was true.. Hahahah!
Instead of heading to the bike shop, I made regular trips to the Archery store to outfit myself. Why? Because I had all the bikes tuned up and kept on standby for our mid-year adventure.

Popping the question

I asked Michelle if she's interested in archery.
Her answer was "yes" and she is willing to give it a try.
My wife has never shot an arrow in her life.
So, I made the necessary arrangements with Coach Tan who also runs Elite Sports Archery.
He agreed to give Michelle a crash course. I was just happy that my spouse became a willing party in giving archery a try.

Michelle learning to draw a traditional bow

Learning from the best: Coach Tan showing the finer points in handling a bow

Taking aim

Good sportsmanship, wrong bow!

Michelle drew a 30lb traditional bow and found it too heavy to anchor and take aim.
Her shots went either too wide or short of landing into the target bud.
Beginners are given a  10-meter target practise at the Kompleks Sukan MSN Taman Kerama, which is one of the few active outdoor archery range in the Klang Valley.
On weekends, this facility is swarming with archers, both novice and experienced.
I was just too happy to practise drawing and shooting my Martin Panther Recurve Bow!

Having fun with my new bow

Trying to get a decent grouping
Hitting the spot

After wrapping-up, I had to head to work.
The weight of the world was on my shoulder and it really sucks having to work straight on two weeks without Sundays off back-to-back.
I asked Michelle if she had enjoyed herself.
She said "yes" and was willing to take up archery.
And so begins our journey as a sporting spouse team! 
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