Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Luggage carrier evolved: Tern Cargo Rack

Setting a new standard.. 

Tern's new cargo rack for their 20" bikes is a departure from the traditional luggage rack system.
Having tried and tested the Portage 24 rack, I must say that plenty of thoughts has been put onto designing a practical luggage rack.
Tern's latest cargo rack allows your personal belongings to be hauled in a box (a set of elastic straps can be used to secure your cargo) for your shopping chores.

The cargo rack seen here on a Tern Eclipse S18
Reliable and practical

I've seen a lot of luggage racks and frankly, nothing comes close to Tern's rendition of the cargo rack.
It has a clean weld on its tubing and the top deck of the rack is pretty solid.
One noticeable change is the bungee straps.
In the past, the straps and hooked onto the lower part of the rack.
On the cargo rack, the cords are wrapped around its mid-section.
And for those who have a tail light that can be mounted onto a luggage rack, there is a slot on the cargo rack that enables you to secure it.

A tail light integrated onto the rack


If bicycle touring is your game, then you are in for a treat! 
The cargo rack accepts small and large panniers.
It's sloped tube allows a luggage hook on the pannier packs to be secured for long-hauls.
Best of all, there's ample space on the rack's tube to allow spacing so that you won't kick the packs with your heels when pedaling your bike

Bicycle panniers sits securely on the cargo rack
Standard-issued accessory on the "S-series" bikes..

The Verge S27h
Tern's cargo racks are bolted onto their S-series bikes such as the Eclipse S18 and Verge S27h.
This means, its ready to haul some serious luggage straight out of the box.
You can find it on the Verge S27h which is bound for our Malaysian shores sometime this year.
On the Eclipse S18, it's a standard item.
The rack retails at USD60 or RM215 excluding freight, duty and sales tax and also GST. This new product retails exclusively on Premium Bike Gear on-line store

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