Thursday, March 26, 2015

Tern Malaysia's (unofficial) Ambassadors

And now, for some fresh faces on the scene.. 

I had a chat with a buddy recently about who represents Tern Bicycles the best in Malaysia and as part of Tern's international outreach. 
Two names came in mind.
I nominated them because of their contribution to the folding bike community.
Not because they own flashy and expensive bicycles, but their effort to inspire a new generation of Tern owners around the country.
Doesn't matter if Tern don't recognize these guys for what they have done to promote awareness on cycling and folding bikes. But I think they deserve a mention. I think some old farts are going to be pissed off, but I don't give a fuck.

Adventurer extraordinaire: Hakim Bahar
Hakim Bahar

Photojournalism graduate Hakim Bahar utilizes his Tern Link D8 as his vehicle to explore the countryside.
He shares this with fellow cyclists and became and inspiration to bicycle enthusiasts to take up the sport.
Hakim loves touring with his bike and is currently planning to ride around Thailand with Farid, his brother.

The Verge Queen: Janeen Thong
Janeen Thong

She's petite and fast and is the only non-professional cyclist to come up second at the OCBC Cycle Malaysia 2014's folding bike criterium race in the women's category. An avid cyclist and runner, Janeen can be seen at most of the competitive running and cycling scene. 
He bike of choice is the Generation 1 Verge X10. 

There are no perks being a Tern Ambassador, just recognition and a little bit of fame! Hahahah!

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