Friday, March 20, 2015

"There can be only one..." : Tern Verge X-20 - First impressions..

Plastic piped dreams...

I caught wind of some bikes that are arriving on our shores from Johnny Ng, my friend and bike shop owner.
He said some high-end Tern folding bicycles are inbound in a matter of days.
I didn't hear this from the non-existent product guy from the distributor's office, nor the regular guys whom I constantly kept in touch with. Hahahah! Salesmen! Can't kill them all and can't get enough of them!
It's just funny that they don't shout about their products. Where's the "passion" and "believe"??? Hahahha!

A pre-ordered 2015 Tern Verge X-20
Pride of the stable..

Since it's introduction in 2011, the Tern Verge X-20 remained as a flagship product, boasting of an award-winning design and high-end components. Practically, the best parts your money can buy fitted onto a folding bike.
The first-generation X-20 has everything it takes to satisfy the demands of a seasoned rider looking for the best folding bike off the shelf.
It has a 20-speed drivetrain with SRAM Red components. When the Verge X-20 was sold in Malaysia, it has an asking price of RM11,800, putting it as one of the most expensive folding bikes in the market.
This year sees the entry of the second-generation Verge X-20 with a lower pricetag of RM9,800.
Despite the gloomy economy and prediction of doom, some brave people are setting aside their moolah to own a piece of the action; putting them in the category of: "The proud and the few".

Matt finish, you can't ask for more

The best money can buy from Tern Bicycles
What to expect? 

I have ridden the first-gen Verge X-20 and felt that it's a bike that demands a physically-fit cyclist to unleash it's raw power.
This new bike is no different.
Apparent, are the cheaper components in place of the SRAM Red.
But don't be fooled by appearances.
The parts that stands out on the new Verge X-10 are the Kinetix-X high-profile rims and hubs. 
Now, compared to the other bikes from Tern's X-series, the X-20 is the only bike equipped with the hubs.
A short-cage SRAM XO rear-derailleur replaces the Red. It's definitely cost-saving to keep prices competitive.
To stay in the game, Tern must find the sweet spot, and that is the price-point. At RM9,800 (pre-GST prices), it will appeal to those who know what they want.

How does it stack-up?

This bike looks plain. 
It has a minimalist approach and is designed to perform. It has the gear ratio to take off like a jet fighter and purr like a kitten when you are coasting.
But seeing as it is, I doubt it very much that I would be able to take this bike out for a short, medium and long-distance assessment as quantities are limited.
Would I buy it? No. I don't suffer from mid-life crisis. Hahahha!

Where to buy? 

My Bicycle Shop (016-632 2599) in BU4, Bandar Utama is one of the official dealers for Tern bikes, 
give Johnny Ng a call if you are interested..

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