Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Fold-it with Samo: Episode 1: Cycle to work...

I've had the Sony AS20 and AS30 for a little over a year. Been wanting to do a Point Of View (POV) video on my commute to work. 
The camera was mounted on my handlebar, taking a lot of vibration, hence the "shaky" chase videos.
Piece To Camera (PTC) shots was made with an AS30 mounted onto an AKA-LU1 Handycam adaptor that gave it that classic consumer video camera look. 
The AS20 & 30 has a battery life of well over an hour. It's perfect for "start" and "stop" recording. 

The Sony AS20 Action Cam, still in production and practically the cheapest around featuring 1080P resolution for High Definition videos

Sony discontinued the AS30V that features GPS data logging and NFC controls for its range of Andriod OS smartphones
The palm-sized Handycam adaptor with a flip-screen, this was cheap and very helpful in Piece To Camera shots
The AS30V in a classic Handycam configuration
The AKA-LU1 adaptor was fun to work with. And since the camera has an ultrawide angle lens, handheld shots are pretty steady.
Post-production, well, over an hour's worth of footage was edited on Microsoft Movie Maker. It was very simple and straight-forward. 
I chopped up the video down to 4minutes 39seconds and was pretty pleased with how it turned out. Well, for showing it to my friends. Not broadcast-quality.
As far as producing more cycling videos is concerned, I am just getting started! 
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