Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Penang - Part 2

Hello, Georgetown! Long time no see...

My last trip to Penang was roughly about two years ago. Michelle and I went over for the fifth round-island ride. That was about it.
We haven't been there since.
Penang didn't change much. Still the same heavy traffic and busy street. I picked the Armenian Heritage Hotel in Carnavon Road due to its strategic location.
I checked-in at the hotel without much hassle. Paid everything in advance and I must say that the place is pretty bike-friendly.
The room was decent and spacious and it has some nice basic amenities.

Riding around Georgetown 
The room, pretty classy for budget hotel!
Meeting an old friend...

I met up with my old friend Mr Khor at the Pragin Mall near Komtar. He was getting his new Xiaomi Mi Max smartphone. And as usual, Mr Khor is a gadget lover who spends a great deal of time researching the goods before getting them.

With my old friend at Prangin Mall

Tea time at a Hainanese coffeeshop
From Prangin Mall, we walked towards Burma Road. There, we chilled out at a Hainanese coffeeshop.
Mr Khor treated me to some awesome meals. We caught up a bit with a long conversation. Seems that he's loving the island life and is enjoying his retirement there.

Mr Khor's favourite haunt: Hai Oan coffeeshop
This shot is really old!

Hainanese pork chop
Signages for the round-island ride
While indulging in a good conversation and some awesome food, my phone rang. Johnny and company had arrived in Penang. 
They are staying at Macallum Road. Which is not too far from where I was putting up. The plan was to meet up at the hotel and head straight for Teluk Kumbar for dinner... 
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