Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Penang - Part 3

As the Sun goes down...

Penang was packed with cyclists on the day I arrived.
Johnny Ng and his buddies have checked-in at the T+ hotel on Macallum Road. I made a beeline to place and came across a large group of cyclists. Most of them are from out of town. They were there to ride around the island.
I made contact with Johnny. He was with his brother Ricky and business partner Randy. There were only four of us and we were headed towards Teluk Kumbar for dinner...

Blanched octopus, house dish 

Ma Poh pork with Man Cou dumplings

The happy campers!

You can't go wrong with fresh seafood

My great company in Penang
The Hai Boey experience...

I was introduced to the HaI Boey seafood restaurant by my buddy Eddie Chua some years back. 
Its one of the best makan places around and serves some really awesome dishes.
We took a drive from Georgetown to Teluk Kumbar and I had constantly reminded the guys about the heavy traffic.
Johnny tried to get a higher quota of people, but none of the guys he had contacted were available. More food, less share.
Over at the restaurant, I ordered some of the famous house dishes. The guys have had a great time savouring the awesome good.
And as daylight faded away over the horizon, it was time to head back to Georgetown.

Prayers for the Ghost Festival in Georgetown
The nightly entertainment...
Chulia Street

Soup noodles

A wantan mee stall in Chulia Street...
Calling it a day...

There was a huge build-up of people at the T+ hotel in Macallum Road. Mostly cyclists and people who Johnny knew too well.
Some of the regulars were having coffee at a hipster joint nearby. We went over and my cue to leave was the RM35 per bottle IPA beer at the joint.
I walked back towards Carnavon Road and was sidetracked by some loud music coming from a lane.
There, I realised that there were nightly prayers offered for the Ghost King. It was the Hungry Ghost Festival. Held every year to appease the spirits of the dead, its a real big deal in Penang.
I snapped a couple of shots on my cellphone and walked towards Chulia Street. I had to get some food for breakfast before embarking on the 84km ride round-island. Found a 7-Eleven convenience store and bought my supplies before heading back to my hotel room. After a long journey from Kuala Lumpur, its time to hit the sack...
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