Thursday, July 23, 2009

Going to America..

I picked up my new US Visa from the VFS centre on Monday.After years of putting back my plans to visit the United States, I'd finally dragged my ass to the US Embassy for
an interview last Friday.It was an interesting experience because this time round, the procedures to obtain a tourist visa is entirely
different. Well, so is the cost. I paid RM550 for the travel document and booked the interview date some two weeks in
advance.When I arrived at the US Embassy, I was rather nervous. Firstly, my previous US visa was stolen along with
some of my belongings.It was a type 'I' visa for journalists. This sparked my fear getting rejected with the new application. Seeing that I have an obligation to turn up in Las Vegas in September, I decided to push ahead. First, I made a
police report as an official document about the stolen passport which was replaced with a new one.In the report, I stated that the original police statement was lost when I moved from Setapak to Subang Jaya.The truth is: my aunt threw it away.As I waited for my turn for the interview, I saw at least two guys that was turned away because they could not
produce enough proof of their short visit to the US.My turn was up after the consular officer rejected an applicant.He asked me some simple questions and demanded some credentials. After doing so, my application was approved. Simple as that.
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