Sunday, July 12, 2009

Our new ride

Me on my new Dahon Speed P8

Michelle's Curve D3 and my Speed P8

The week is over! I am glad to have spent some quality riding time with my wife on our new folding bikes.Bought a Dahon Speed P8 bicycle and a Curve D3 for Michelle.It was a deal which didn't break the bank and since my health was not really up to the mark, a low-impact
exercise seems to be the solution.Took the P8 for a ride the night I picked it up and it handles like a dream. Whizzing around like a larger bike, the
Speed P8 boasts of some premium components and the large Schwable apple tires gave it good roadholding.I can't complain about the built, fit and finish of the Dahon bike. After seeing a large variety of this bike while on
holiday in Melbourne, Australia some three years back, I kinda set my target on owning one.The nearest store is in Singapore and with a 2.4x exchange factor, the deal was off.Well, the moment I saw this bike being offered, I grabbed the chance to own the Speed P8. That said, there'll be plenty of cycling adventures with my wife!

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