Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Squid season ends..

Me and Rizal

Ryota-san and his catch

Our meager haul

I can't believe that squid season is over!For me that is. Right now, the focus will be on getting my US visa and saving up every Ringgit and Sen for my trip
to Vegas with Michelle.While we were out at sea, we got hit by strong winds and the wave. Which gave me some time to reflect. Life is
short and sweetness is enjoying all the little joys in life.Out there, in the South China Sea, our life hung on the balance. We were on a small boat hanging on to our dear
lives after being lashed by the Easterly winds.But as fate has it, the squid season ends with a meager catch. I for one, am glad to have fulfilled my obligations
for three months.At least my squid buddies were sporting enough to call it a day after enduring the rough seas and strong wind. Next year, I plan to start a month earlier and check out other fishing holes in Terengganu and Johor.

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