Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Chris Reeve Sebenza

The CRK Large Sebenza with doggy paw print

Michelle browsing through Plaza Cutlery's table at the USN show in Las Vegas

IT took me more than 12 years to finally sink my paws on a Chris Reeve Sebenza
folding knife.I found Mr Reeve's knives to be plain and functional and my first CRK was a
Shadow III survival knife. It has a hollowed handle and was a trade I made with another knifenut from the
United States.I've been keeping the Shadow for more than five years and had been putting off
the intention of acquiring a Sebenza for a long time.Not until my visit to Las Vegas recently that I kinda rekindled my interest with the
knife.And this one was very special because its a limited-edition 'doggy paw print' large
Sebenza offered by Dan Delavan of Plaza Cutlery.I think its been around for almost two years and since I don't have access to
acquiring the knife, the visit to USN's Gathering in early September kinda sealed
the deal.The paw print Sebenza was high on my want list and when I handled it at the show,
it immediately dawned on me that this was the knife that I have been searching for.Sebenzas are highly reliable for its sturdy construction and simplicity to operate in
any given conditions.Its also a subtle gent's knife that fits any occassion. And given the special price that Dan of Plaza Cutlery had offered, I took the plunge
by acquiring the folder.Michelle also helped by chipping-in some funds.The paw print Sebenza is dedicated to Sir Naughty, my four-year-old Siberian
Husky and is now my current everyday carry folder.
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