Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The journey begins

Michelle and I barely slept.
In anticipation of the long journey ahead, we planned out many things.
The kidz managed to get their walk in the early hours of the morning while we sort out the need to dos and chores by our in-laws who generously volunteered to look after our homes for two weeks.
By far, the Vegas trip is the longest vacation we are going to have in so many years.
Our kidz did sense that something was brewing, but with some coaxing and some treats, they kinda settled in well.
Two bones was what it takes to divert their attention.
We checked-in early at the KLIA and Michelle secured a place to chill out at the MAS lounge.
Since everything is on the house, we don't have to spend a single cent.
Boarding is at 09:40am, so, we have some time to kill.
Loading pix onto the internet, updating the blog as well as forums will occupy most of our time at the lounge.
First up, the flight to Taipei where we transit and the rest of the journey will be to LAX in California.
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