Sunday, November 29, 2009

Left 4 Dead 2

Zombie-killing just got better with the recently released 'Left 4 Dead 2'.I am barely moving through the first game which is also a big challenge due to its
strategic gameplay and fast-moving nature.Now, I am playing the L4D2 and I'm liking every single minute.It has more firepower, a large assortment of melee weapons such as the
chainsaw, katana, baseball bat and crow bar.Small arms such as a .50 Desert Eagle, glocks and some 9mms were also part of
the 'unlimited ammo' armory.What I love most, is the combat assault rifle that fires three round bursts and the
M-72 'thumper' grenade launcher.Since my system is linked via optical cable for audio, the experience is awesome!
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