Monday, November 23, 2009

Outing with the kidz

The kidz - striking a pose

My boss and the kidz

IT's been a soggy weekend and yesterday morning, we managed to take the kidz
out for a doggy event at the 1 Utama Central Park.As usual, Michelle and I had formed the habit of leaving our home early to the
fairground.Lucky for us, there were ample car parking lots at the park's facility.We walked the kidz and their backpacks and chilled out at our usual break area for
a McDonald's breakfast.During the event, we met up with some old friends from the Husky club and
exchanged notes.This year in particular, has been really quiet.The only gathering which we attended before this was the Dogathon at UPM in
Serdang.On the whole, things had turned out okay. We spent half the day there before heading home. The kidz are happy as they get
plenty of excercise as well as socialise with other pooches at the event.

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