Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The season of giving..

Its easy to take and giving is always the hard part.This year marks the fifth year in my rural people outreach programme.I contribute tools to farmers and teachers - mostly indigenous folks living in the outskirts.And over a period of time, I've been very fortunate to receive sponsorship from companies like Spyderco in the US who generously donated some knives and accessories.For 2009, they have given two care packages.The latest is a batch of Byrd knives which I had handed over to teacher Mr James Lias from Mukah, Sarawak.He will then select a handulf of recipients from the interior of Malaysia's Borneo.Lias told me that he would document the whole process for my assessment report to my sponsors.I am glad to have met such an honourable man like him who had generously spare some of his time to realise this project.Hopefully, the care packages would be delivered in time for Christmas.
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